HELLO and Welcome to CORAL L'ALGUER B & B in Alghero, situated in small town lying 35 km from Sassari, a land that overlooks the sea extending in different km of coastline along the pristine yet evocative Coral Riviera, a gift that lush in the form corallium rubrum, one of the treasures that local artists develop in masterly fashion. Today Alghero owns approx. 40,000 inhabitants, but it certainly was welcoming since Neolithic period in which date from the first human settlements, with testimonies of rites of a magical-religious, inside the Grotta Verde (Green Cave)

NATURE AND CULTURE: Treasury, facing the sea, but inherent in the heart of the earth are the legendary Caves of Neptune, cavers and occasional visitors are in agreement in defining "a gift of heaven" (The Duke of Buckimgham) these conformations type karst that evolve in exceptional limestone concretions: stalagmites and stalactites (others who have visited the grottoes are: the geographer Lamarmora, Savoie, Captain WH Smith Baron of Maltzan and the writer Sardinian Enrico Costa). They are both accessible by sea, either by land. These are some of the treasures that are offered by nature, but also from an environment rich in culture and folklore. As a strong impact fortification (Muralla) that still protects the oldest part of the city (The Alguer vella), started during the Genoese domination, under the family Doria (XII-XIII.) Land of berthing and conquest , Alghero differs from the rest of for more cultures and traditions: from 1354 to 1720 under the rule Catalan and Castilian, are clear fingerprints of civil-sacred. There are several palaces and churches of Gothic Catalan and the traditional cultural heritage and language.


LANGUAGE: Unique in Italy and Sardinia is the local spoken: algherese is a dialect of Catalan, legible especially even in the place names of streets, and architecture, squares, churches and palaces (carrers, places, iglesies the palaus).
Shops are always open for tourists and local (botigues que no tanquen never pels turistes), parties (processions, Setmana Santa, sagres, misses) reflect its unique peculiarities, so denominated Barceloneta (little Barcelona) Alghero make a town worth visiting . You will hear next to Italian. For Alghero, another peculiarity be noted is the meeting of different cultures and dialects, and algherese Sardinian, another important cultural enrichment language to be protected as a minority language.


ARCHAEOLOGY: These and other curiosities will give this city. Places like the enchanted "Domus de Janas" in the Sardinian "fairy houses", or the necropolis of Anghelu Ruju (in Sardinian language = red Angel) a singular an archaeological complex of tombs ipogeiche, which for the number, well 38 holds primacy in 'island. Still the complex nuragico of Palmavera, one of the most interesting of Sardinia.
Are you curious? come in person! Come to CorallAlguer B & B in addition to hospitality and you will find a comfortable environment and family, a happy marriage of knowledge and tastes

Alghero, Carrabuffas street n°46

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